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Up all night for Daft Punky.

Illustration for article titled Up all night for Daft Punky.

Pharrell Williams hit the nail on its funky head when he mused that MDMA is not a necessary accompaniment to the experience of Daft Punk’s music.

Ft. Pharrell himself, the infectious new track delivers nostalgic synth over a modern, tweaky little beat, and it needs no recreational enhancement. Between Pharrell’s cheeky crooning, Nile Rodgers’ fruity riff and a self-indulgent but admittedly satisfying interlude of classic auto-tuning (a throwback to the Harder Better Faster Stronger era), one is left wondering where the hell the French duo have been.


Their latest album RAM is set to take the spring chart’s pseudo-funk and kick it to the curb, giving the adolescent dance scene a tutorial from the real veterans in the alchemy of house/soul vocals and squidgy electronic synth. The Robots are back, and sweet mother of groove have we missed them.

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